First off I’d like to say thank you for your interest in my work. For anyone that doesn’t personally know me,  I’m an illustration student at Sheridan College. In our third year, we are required to do a 420 hour co-op. After going through dozens of co-ops that I had absolutely no interest in (and weren’t paid to boot!) I decided to propose a business plan and do a freelance internship. So currently I am just over a month into my internship so I thought that I might share some thumbnails of things I am working on.

Just a silly little doodle I did, I might develop it further for practice.

This is an image I’m intending on submitting to Threadless. As you can see I’m in the process of digitally inking it. Also, gas masks are harder to draw than I expected.

So I recently watched a tutorial by Brad “Cryptcrawler” Rigney and it inspired me to try some of his techniques.  I’ve only just started on it, but if I’ve learned anything from him, it’s that I need to invest at least a hundred hours into it before I decide its garbage (a problem I suffer from constantly!).

Over the past month I have also been working on a side business I have but that is best left for another post.

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