85th Anniversary Illustration for Ontario Nature

With the multitude of social media platforms that I feel obligated to update, my blog (and heck, my portfolio!) often goes neglected. But I love that ‘journal-y’ feel that blogs have; you don’t have to worry about character count, hashtags or if you’re best capturing the 2 second attention span of your audience. So I’ve decided that I will use my blog for posting in depth information to accompany my finished illustrations, such as the roughs that the art director didn’t choose and other process work. I always love to see other illustrators’ process work, and I hope it will give anyone who is interested in working with me insight into my process. That being said, here are my latest published illustrations, with process work of course!

I was given a fantastic opportunity to do a double page spread celebrating the 85th anniversary of Ontario Nature in ON Nature magazine. Since I have been working with them and the art director for many years now, they were pretty open to ideas, I just had to work around the typography and centered timeline provided by the AD.


Nature illustration - rough 1 Nature illustration - rough 2 Nature illustration - rough 3

The first rough is the four seasons, one in each quadrant. The second is ‘nature confetti’, as I could not use environmentally harmful symbols of celebrations such as balloons. And the third rough is a good overview of Ontario Nature’s scope and accomplishments.


Ontario Nature Illustration

Click to enlarge.


Ontario Nature illustration - detail 1Ontario Nature illustration - detail 2


I also painted a watercolour map of southern Ontario in this issue. Here it is without graphic design:

Ontario Nature illustration - Southern Ontario map

I was given the page layout in advance so I knew exactly where it would bleed off the page and where it needed to float.

You can read the Spring 2016 issue of ON Nature magazine here. Thanks to Levi and Ontario Nature for the fun project!