I’ve always wanted to do a pinup girl so here is one I’ve started. Right now she’s nude but I plan on giving her some sort of crazy outfit, possibly sci-fi themed. The second image is supposed to have a WoW-ish vibe to it.


Portfolio Overhaul

Sorry folks, no art in this post.

I have been finished school for about 2 weeks now and have been doing some self promotion. Now that I’ve left the comfortable, yet restrictive womb that is the Sheridan Illustration program, I have started to hear what people in the ‘real world’ think of my art. And sometimes it’s quite harsh. I’ve known for a long time that my portfolio was not exactly appropriate for the type of jobs I have been applying for (though it has helped me snag freelance work) but I was hoping that people would see past the content to my actual art skills. That was a very naive assumption!

So I plan on spending the next few months building a concept art portfolio tailored to the video game industry. It will be nice not to be restricted by assignment specifications and by teachers telling me that concept art is garbage. I have also decided to start uploading my sketches and speedpaintings. I am going to try to take some supplemental courses specific to concept art to improve my skills. Finally, I plan on entering  specific contests to help get my work viewed by the right industry art directors.

So that’s my life in a nutshell over the next few months. I hope that this post will help future Sheridan grads who get stuck in the position that I’m in now :)