Water for Elephants Project

A small update today. I have a semester long project for my visual narrative class and have chosen to illustrate scenes from the novel. To quickly summarize, it’s a fantastic fictional novel based around a veterinarian school dropout who joins the circus during the Great Depression.

This image contains spoilers!


Update 03/13/11 : The picture is now 550mb! I’m so happy I put 8gb of ram into this computer or it would be curled in the fetal position sobbing right now.

It’s a four page spread that is connected due to the circular nature of the book.  The first chapter is actually what happens at the end of the book. Therefore I have chosen to illustrate them as one piece, though they are intended to be published as two separate spreads.

Lot’s more to do on this one, stay tuned :)

Painting Plastic Ponies

When I’ve been pushing pixels on a digital canvas for countless hours sometimes I feel the urge to work on something tangible. It’s also a good way to keep practicing with traditional media, which is something that I often neglect in my illustration pieces.

Here’s a resin sculpture I’ve been working on lately. He is about 6.5 inches at his ear tips. He was painted by dry brushing pure pigments and sealing them, then glazing numerous layers of oil paints over top.

I’m happy to say that he was sold to another Canadian artist before he was even finished and should be shipping out in the next few weeks. Thank you Rayvin!

Rethink Final

First and foremost let me preface this entry with a long-winded rant (feel free to skip ahead to the artwork).

For our Rethink Grad Show image this year our project was to do an image 8.5 x 11, close-cropped, on a white background. This in itself I found very constraining because the background of my images sets the mood and is a large part of my ‘style’.

Our images were based off of statistics that were compiled by surveying our graduating class. My statistic was “39% of 2011 Sheridan Illustration Grads contributed their artwork to a non-profit charity.”

I thought it would be easy. It wasn’t.

The first person I showed my roughs to said to make it look less ‘infographic’ and more narrative. So I drew up new thumbnails. The second person said they were too narrative and to talk to a third person before they would approve my thumbnails since they were unfamiliar with my style (sorry, my thumbnails are too ugly to show!). I came back with a new set of thumbnails I was really happy with but the second person said they were all wrong. I drew up new roughs to be send to Rethink and they were finally approved by the second and fourth person.

Here’s the first rough, the second one was similar with the girl sitting upright watering her dress, the top of her dress in bloom, the bottom an industrial wasteland. I never received the originals back and I hadn’t scanned the second rough sadly.

When I received my roughs back with comments from Rethink they basically said start over, make it more graphic, try using the symbol of the Red Cross. I was getting so frustrated that I basically asked them what they wanted me to draw. So I drew up another new rough based on exactly what she had said. When I brought it back the next class she hated it and told me to start over. Now she wanted me to draw a glorified pie chart. Fine, I just want this to be finished.

Here’s my final:

Haha, just kidding.

I used Photoshop to assemble everything and Painter to colour it.

Here is the drawing, as you can see I make a lot of corrections as I paint. He’s got a stubby arm!