Rethink Project and Dreamworks

Mr. PrancypantsSo today we learned about what our final graduation project will be. Our school partnered up with Rethink Communications who have come up with a project that each of the 82 students in my graduating class will do.  They’re going to poll all of us about things such as our inspiration and media we use (etc.) and compile the statistics and then each of us will be given one statistic to illustrate. Basically we’re drawing infographics on a white background, which totally sounds boring to me but I’m hoping that once I receive my statistic I’ll be able to think of a way to make it cool and interesting (and hopefully a great portfolio piece). The second part of the project is that we have to document ourselves creating the piece; either on film or with photographs.

In other SUPEREXCITING news Dreamworks is coming to talk to my class about opportunities for illustrators at their company. Yes.. DREAMWORKS!! For years and years all the video game and movie studios  (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney..) come to my school and exclusively talk to the animation students which is unbelievably frustrating to me. The person coming will also be going over two students’ portfolios to give feedback about what they are looking for in a portfolio so I’m going to see if I can make a portfolio worthy of being seen by Dreamworks. I’m not really sure what  a company that does all different genres, live-action and animation films wants in a portfolio though.

Art Updates

I always have a problem keeping a blog updated. It’s not for lack of desire, rather that I usually hate all the art that I produce, particularly sketches. I’m also guilty of being a procrastinator. Luckily for me,  myself and my talented illustrator friend Arwen Savage have decided to get together and spend every Monday drawing, drawing, drawing!

Some doodles that will hopefully help me with my thesis for my final year.

Loki Bar Code Girl

The following are all images from my visual narrative class, though I have removed the text from most of them. As you can see I have been experimenting a lot with different styles that I can produce. I hope that a potential employer will appreciate my ability to adapt to different styles.

Are You Ok? (unfinished)

Vampire to: Vampire(unfinished) Unfortunately the image that accompanied this one is gone. The file is somehow corrupt and the print of it was stolen.

Part 1
Part 2

The above illustrations were for a project that required us to narrate some important event in our life.

In other random news, I left some prints of some of my work on my desk in the illustration studio and they mysteriously vanished. I’m going to pretend that I have a secret art admirer because that’s much more fun to think than that someone was a douche and threw them out …